Midweek Mini Movies 232

by Dave Anderson 2

It’s the first week back of the new year, so round about time for a bit of distraction, yeah?

Brew up, tune in and slack off with this week’s mini movies…


MIA Santa Cruz – Colorado Trip

Dangerous Momo and Kilian went to Colorado in September to discover the local trails around Fruita, Palisade and Grand Junction. They brought back some great scenic footage and some extra kilos due to all the great food and beer they had during their stay!!

Many thanks to all the MIA Santa Cruz sponsors as well as all the hosts in Colorado who made this trip possible.

Church Two

It’s January. Winter vibes have descended upon us. The nonsensical daylight savings time has drastically limited the amount of sessions for those on the full time workweek grind. Night riding is an option but it just doesn’t provide the same sense of satisfaction. But we are lucky in North Carolina. The mild temps and lack of substantial snow keep us riding throughout the winter. The rides are shorter, yet essential for maintaining skills from the previous season. Quietly mastering that new cornering technique until the birds start chirping and the flowers start blooming. The short rides build for the coming of Spring, Summer, and Fall.The time when the real sessions go down. With seven months of optimal temperatures in NC, enduring a few cold months chilling is nothing to fret.

Post Marked

The Aptos Post Office has been a legendary spot for the world of mountain biking for the past decade. It has been the training and proving grounds for some of the top professionals in this industry. In less then a month, this icon will be torn down. Tonight showed a mix of the last generation to ride this spot and a few local pro’s who still call it home.


Whistler ripper/raconteur Ian Morrison investigates all sides of the multi-skilled Devinci Spartan in a whip-heavy edit that’ll send your head snapping. Not quite XC or exclusively DH, the enduro-equipped ride is difficult to pigeonhole, Morrison says. But after sessioning it for less than three days before Crankworx 2014, awesomeness ignited, visiting Euros delighted, and the Spartan became Morrison’s weapon of choice for the infamous A-Line Race. Join Ian and the Devinci/Alltrick’s.com squad and see how it all went down.

Irish Enduro Siblings – Team Maunsell

Leah and Jonathan are both Kona Grassroots racers from Ireland, who are racing Enduro events in 2015 for Team MBW/Kona Ireland Racing. They just received new 2015 Kona Process bikes and wasted no time getting them set up and straight out for a rip around their home trails at Ballyhoura MTB trailcentre, Ireland.

White Trails 6

selffilmed with nikon d3100 & d3300

Fat Bike in Snowy North Wales

Salsa Mukluk in North Wales

Brit Rock 2014

Excerpt from ‘All My Own Stunts’ featuring downhill mountain bike specialist Rob Jarman. Part of the BRIT ROCK FILM TOUR 2014 out now on DVD and HD download – posingproductions.com/product.php?form_action=detail&product_id=259

Sri Lanka Airlines Rumble in the Jungle 2014

Breathtaking footage from Sri Lanka’s first ever international mountain bike race – Rumble in the Jungle

Boreal Gisburn – Enduro Mountain biking with Tony Kay

Filmed over one day, Moose Factory Films and Team Rock Gardener rider, Tony Kay set out to a cold and icy Gisburn Forest.

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  1. Loved the fat bike in Wales

  2. The Church video was the first biking video in months that I enjoyed. Excellent camera work showing riding on trails that for some reason I could instantly associate with. The riders also rode with real style (exactly how I do in my head). Great stuff!

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