Kali Protectives Aazis

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Knee pads-12
These cheerfully-coloured soft knee pads feature full ‘tube’ construction in a perforated neoprene material. The kneecap pad sits behind an aramid, kevlar-type material to resist scuffs and feature a soft foam pad topped (under the outer layer) by a flexible plastic cap. The cap is there to give some pierce-protection and to keep the softer foam pad intact. Extra side pads protect the sides of the knee and the whole thing is kept in place by the stretch of neoprene and two sizeable velcro straps.

A little care is needed to make sure the main pad sits right over the patella, but once placed, these guards don’t budge. They’re warm to wear, but I found them comfortable on rides up to three hours and even on sunny days the warmth was bearable. The full-sleeve makes them ‘shoes off’ to put on, but unless you’re doing endless climbs, keeping them on isn’t a chore. Protection felt fine and the side pads are a reassuring touch. Luckily, more conservative colours are available for the shy or co-ordination conscious. The price seems reasonably on the ball too.


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Product:Protectives Aazis
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