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The G-Forms are knee pads for people who don’t like knee pads. Think of them as lycra kneewarmers that have been down the gym. Silicone grippers at either end hold them in place and a proprietary ‘malleable-until-hit’ material acts as padding. I hate pedalling any distance in bulky pads, but have been happy wearing the G-Forms for all day, playing in the mountains-type, rides, as well as quick trail centre blasts. The simple construction and light weight mean they can be pretty much forgotten once riding. Once crashing, they obviously don’t offer the same levels of protection as a full pad, but have softened many a stem-knee interface. They cope better with face-on impacts than they do with prolonged scuffing, when the lack of any straps means they tend to slide around. Over a year down the line the lycra on my pair is beginning to get baggy, meaning they now feel a little less secure than they once did, but I haven’t found anything as good to replace them with. Good value pads for riding in all day long. Fit and forget.

Tom Hill.

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From:G-Form, g-formuk.com
Tested:by Tom Hill for 2 months

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