Endura MT500

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Knee pads-7
Simple appearance belies feature-packed performance here, with the kevlar weave on the outer meaning business. As well as protecting what’s underneath it’s also proved highly resistant to wear and tear over the six months or so I’ve had them on test – the pad is constructed so that the outer fabric ‘floats’ above the cup and liner, so they slide against one another when pad hits ground rather than sliding off your knee. Memory foam cups mould to kneecaps reasonably quickly – cinch the two velcro straps down again after 20 minutes or so of riding and they won’t move for the rest of the day. Despite the rear of each pad being backed with perforated mesh, they’re still pretty warm, but easy enough to push down around your shins if the weather is hot or the climb is long. You’ll need to de-shoe to get them on and off, though, and the lack of channels for the straps means that the velcro can slip off the back of the pad during pedalling, which is not comfy.


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From:Endura, endurasport.com
Tested:by Jenn for 2 months

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