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The Bliss ARG pad is similar to other neoprene sock pads, with velcro straps top and bottom. Bliss has opted to use a thinnish layer of Armourgel(ARG) padding over the kneecap and some side protection, shaped to enhance flexibility and movement. ARG is a non-Newtonian material, similar to D3O: soft and flexible during slow movement, it stiffens under harder impacts. Because the layer of protection is so thin and light, I can comfortably wear them on longer rides. Ventilation is provided by small holes in the neoprene and is very effective; at no point have my knees been too warm. I would look at downsizing from your usual size though; I’ve been wearing a small pair when I’d usually be a medium. They’re a comfortable fit and have stayed in place during a number of crashes. The Bliss ARGs will protect you from the most common offs – sliding out, etc., but they may struggle to protect against sharp rocks. I’ve had a number of crashes while wearing them, they’ve been through the wash a number of times and they still look like new, so they’re well made. A well-constructed, low-profile pad that’s flexible and comfortable.


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