Birzman Velocity

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Length: 18.3cm

Weight: 122g

The Velocity is a small, CNCed aluminium trail pump from Birzman, a Taiwanese toolmaker. It’s a beautifully constructed piece of kit, with a buttery smooth, positive pumping action. To pump, you flip open the rubber stopper at the top and pull out the flexible hose. For Presta valves, attachment couldn’t be simpler with Birzman’s SNAP-IT connector. Simply place over the Presta valve, pull a cuff on the connector towards the valve a couple of millimetres, wrap your hands around the barrel and proceed to pump; it’s quite simple.
If you run Schrader valves, you have to screw off the SNAP-IT connector, and then screw the remaining connector onto the valve, but this is also quite easy. Attachment onto both valve types is secure and strong, with a good, airtight connection. There was never any hissing or air leakage. Because the pump has a reasonable (but not excessive) volume, tyres inflate efficiently and quickly. In use it feels solid and strong, and it’s rated to 90psi.
The pump is nice and compact: it should fit quite easily into your backpack of choice. However, this comes with a downside. If you’re larger-of-hand, you can find optimum pumpage compromised by the compactness of the pump – it’s quite easy to nick your palm if you get too carried away.
Should sir or madam wish to display the pump as a frame adornment instead, then the plastic and O-ring bracket is straightforward – and the pump’s function as bike jewellery is enhanced by the range of shiny anodized colours available.

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Tested:by Jorji for 2 months

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