An Umbrella (leaf) for your Bike?

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We get a lot of Kickstarter press releases sent through but I think we’ve just received the best one yet. LeafxPro are seeking funding for a ‘bike umbrella’ that solves that tricky do I need a waterproof and mudguard conundrum…

Here’s the press release:

erm, okay
erm, okay


Bad weather conditions, like rain, aren’t the most pleasant things while cycling. With that in mind, the team behind LeafxPro developed a modular structure for your bicycle. Providing you instant protection for rain, snow and wind storms. By combining innovation and engineering, it offers both resistance and lightweight, with increased aerodynamics.

Easy to assemble, folds into a compact easy-to-carry bag. Adaptable to different bicycle models, the LeafxPro cover makes riding a bike easier 365 days a year, even in adverse weather conditions.

LeafxPro Kit are modular and adaptable, providing different levels of protections for different weather conditions. The ‘Classic’ kit is the base of all other available kits, easily upgradable to the ‘Advanced’, ‘Storm’ or ‘Family’ Kit.

Inspired in nature we developed a leaf that is light, functional easy to use, secure, but above all highly resistant to natural elements. The aerodynamic was a critical point in the development process of the structures of Leafxpro, this is a fundamental point that a cyclist can easily overcome the resistance of air, even when the headwinds are the greatest enemies.

The front wedge-shaped, in conjunction with the various flow channels of aerodynamic either the front, side and rear, provide the user of the bicycle conditions to fly!

To enable it’s commercial production, LeafxPro is looking to increase it’s financial resources through the crowdsource fundraising website Kickstarter, where the LeafxPro kit can be acquired from £99 (price for Classic Kit).

Find more information about LeafxPro on the website

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