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661 has been making its fantastic, all-round, trail-riding Evos for years. This latest incarnation utilises a large D3O protector which extends all around the knee, with softer padding around the sides to increase the protection area. They’re not super light, but they aren’t too bulky and once they’re positioned they don’t move around much despite only having one elasticated velcro strap at the top. Neoprene extends round the leg and a cut-out hole directly behind the knee ensures I don’t get any back-of-knee chafing during long days in the saddle. This hole aids ventilation and keeps my knees drier than some, but it does cause the pads to fold slightly when pedalling. They’re super well made and the kevlar front means they have withstood all manner of crashes. I can certainly vouch for their protective abilities – they’ve saved my knees from some major batterings. I can also vouch for their longevity – they’re in as good nick now as they were the first muddy ride 18 months ago. Comfy trail riding pads, perfect for those who suffer from back-of-knee chafe.


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