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In proper eye-watering enduro bro’ blue (or Pacific, as Sweet Protection calls it) with reflective orange decals, the Air Jacket is quite distinctive. I approve. Bungie waist closures are the only fit-tuning options with this jacket, keeping the weight and bulk right down. A large kidney pocket on the rear stuck me as a bit of an oddity, but does act as a stow pocket for the jacket, with a reversible zip.

Large panels of a very light DWR-coated windproof laminate with un-taped seams gave this jacket a high score in the breathability stakes and had me reaching for it during higher intensity rides with inclement weather.

Initially I was a bit worried about the lack of adjustment in the cuffs of the jacket as I have childlike wrists and suffer from drafts in most jackets. With the tapered fit of these though, I found I’ve had to force my hand through the cuff only to find it giving a nearly windproof seal. Sort of like a baggy dryseal, but in material. For those with bigger wrists this should work perfectly once you can get your hands through the stretchy material.

For a jacket that is not designed for torrential downpours, the Air Jacket worked well in the rain. Sure, it wetted out eventually, but it also kept me warm and dry for much longer than expected. When the rain stopped, it stunned me how fast it dried out. It really is a jacket many riders should consider, where the intensity of exertion will be on and off and staying comfortable is more important than staying fully dry.

Overall: Excellent cut, wonderful material feel, waterproof enough for riding and racing in all but the worst rain. I’ll have one please.



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Brand:Sweet Protection
From:Sweet Protection, sweetprotection.com
Tested:by Greg for 2 months

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