RaceFace Indy jersey

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RaceFace jersey
It’s June. We are in the first proper heatwave of the summer. I get home, already sweaty and sticky after sitting on a clammy bus for 30 minutes. I want to get out as soon as possible and rip through perfect trails, to reap the benefits of slogging along the same tracks in mid-winter darkness. A quick look through the explosion of bike kit from my cupboard drawer reveals two options – lycra jerseys, or long sleeve base layers. Oh dear. Luckily the Race Face Indy arrives for testing just in time…

The Indy is a nicely designed riding T-shirt. It’s very breathable, has a lighter fabric on the back and a mesh fabric under the armpits. Cool – in both senses of the word. No one looks good in a sweat-sodden top. I was impressed with the cut: it’s neither race-tight, nor motocross-voluminous, and trimmer than similar tops I’ve tried in the past, but still loose enough to allow good air flow while riding. Despite being relatively lightweight, the fabric has shrugged off the grasps of summer brambles much better than my exposed forearms do, and is wearing well.

The graphics are subtle, as is the colour choice. A little zip pocket is a neat addition – and one that I use for a house key on those two-hour blasts from the door, where a riding pack is unnecessary. A glasses wipe is another thoughtful touch, but not one that I’ve often used, and it seems a bit small to be truly useful. As with all synthetic tops, there is a bit of a pong after a long, sweaty day in the saddle, but the Indy suffers no more than any other I’ve used.

Overall: Maybe a little pricey, but a T-shirt that is thoughtfully designed for regular riding.


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Product:Indy jersey
From:Silverfish, silverfish-uk.com
Tested:by Tom Hill for Three months.

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