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Knee pads-14
POC’s VPD 2.0 knee guards initially felt slightly too small compared to other guards but after a couple of rides, the snug fit of the sleeve was adapted to. With slackened top and calf straps, they never budged when pedalling, while still feeling secure. It’s definitely worth trying these pads before buying to make sure you get the right fit but we’d recommend going for snug rather than sizing up. The armour is flexible and conforms well to my legs, but in an impact is designed to stiffen for protection; this makes the VPD 2.0 very comfortable to use when pedalling and generally moving around off the bike, while still able to soak up pretty big hits. The armour curves around the kneecap to give side impact protection too. In use the pads were a bit on the hot side compared to some others, despite some airflow thanks to the fabric and perforated armour design. It’s less of an issue for shuttling gravity riders but for pedally, all-mountain types it’s worth considering. Well protected but warm pads.


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Product:VPD 2.0
From:2Pure, 2pure.co.uk
Tested:by Dave for 3 months

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