OKLOs are dropping in!

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125mm of cable activated slippery goodness

We’ve covered the launch of the new Nukeproof dropper before (here), but they’re now available in stores to buy.

We’re getting one in to test very soon, so keep ’em peeled. At present they’re only available in 31.6mm and 440mm length, at £179.99. Here’s the full release:

The OKLO was named after a naturally found nuclear fission reaction that produces high levels of sustained energy from complex reactions. Although we can’t guarantee sustained levels of energy from the OKLO, we can guarantee a high performing dropper seatpost that compliments the dynamics of any bike. 

Oklo – insert fission gag here

The hard anodised upper shaft gives the OKLO super slick adjustment when actuated. As the OKLO uses an infinite hydraulic adjustment system with double ‘o’ ring seals, you can be assured it will give outstanding performance with an excellent level of robustness for all types of trails and weather. The triple needle key-way design helps prevent lateral movement so the OKLO will run straight and true over its lifetime.

The OKLO’s design utilises an air-free design, putting the internal seals under less stress, in turn increasing durability and reliability.


· Hydraulic infinitive adjustment system

· Triple key-way design prevents lateral movement

· Remote cable actuation

· Cable length of 1500mm

· Mount: 2 bolt clamp system for infinite saddle angle adjustability

· Zero Offset

· Length: 440mm

· Diameter: 31.6mm

· Travel/drop: 125mm

· Black anodised housing with hard anodised stanchion

· Weight: 625g

· Price: £179.99

Smooth head

Comments (8)

    I wonder how much crc will be discounting them?

    Will be interested if they do a 27.2 version sometime.

    Already down to £169.99 on CRC.

    Fairly heavy compared to the competition, would want to see some real world reliability reports before i chose one over a Reverb

    Anyone know what warranty length they will offer?

    27.2 & 30.9 needed here… Already got 31.6 covered…

    “125mm … only available in 31.6mm and 440mm length”
    A KS i950 150mm is ‘only’ 430mm?

    I can’t see that a 440mm would suit very many riders/bike frame size combo’s. There aren’t all that many frames with a straight (interally) seattube that long and nothing internally to catch it

    I know they sell frames with 31.6mm seattubes, but at least a 30.9mm can be shimmed up to 31.6mm

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