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Twas the night before christmas. Most of you will have finished work for a few days off and what better way to relax with some bike related gnar, rem and Kim Wilde hammered on a train. Thats right folks its midweek movie time. Enjoy…

Mountain Biking with Dan Atherton & Friends: Europe Ch. 4

Mountain biking with Dan Atherton and friends is the fourth episode in the 5 film series ‘Europe’, featuring the best of British adventure sports athletes crossing the continent.

Mark Scott – Rake & Ride


Join Wideopenmag rider Mark Scott as he negotiates his bike around some rather tight trees and enjoys a dabble in the good kind of deep brown stuff…

Remi Thirion – Hexagone Segment

Remi Thirion proving why he is one of the worlds best.

Stevie Smith & Brendan Fairclough in “Trigger Happy” | Action Cam | Sony

How do downhill mountain bikers Stevie Smith and Brendan Fairclough cover every possible angle of a trail? A remote control car, little green men, a rocket launcher, and cameras lining the trail from top to bottom are a good place to start.

#OnTheHunt – Team CRC/Nukeproof – 2014 Season Recap

2014 was a huge success for Team CRC/Nukeproof, with Sam Hill returning to the top of the podium, Mike Jones blasting onto the elite scene and Joe Smith climbing up the rankings showing his world-beating potential.

Away in a bike shed

The three wild men wake up late for their mission, to get baby Jesus his gifts before Christmas day! Once awake, they scurry out into the Derbyshire hills in search for the gifts of Stella, an inner tube and Jaffa Cakes (other brands available). Once found they return descend upon the manger where they reveal the true baby Jesus!

Fat Free: Fat Bike Freeriding on a Blizzard

We have to admit, we were hesitant about the fat bike trend that’s taking the bike industry by storm (pun intended). There were definitely a few raised eyebrows in the office when we started designing and testing one. Wade Simmons was an instant convert though; “everyone thinks they’re so f@#&ing cool and serious, but it’s really just about having fun on your bike anyway.” And soon enough, the other guys stopped returning their test bikes on time. FAT FREE came out of a few days of experimenting and shredding the Blizzard in BC’s coastal mountains. It opened all our eyes to the spectacular terrain that’s available for fat biking, and it proved to us that the only limitations for these bikes are our own preconceived notions.

If it was ever even a question, the answer is yes. You can and should freeride a fat bike.


It’s all about stoppies here

Girl’s Lunch Date with Amanda Cordell

Amanda Cordell is a total ripper. Whats wrong with ditching a lunch date to go ride your Gambler?

Pure Imagination

‘Pure Imagination’ has been created with a hat tip to Willy Wonka. Exploring the projects of Pennine Prospects by cyclocross bike, we follow our characters through the Twite Recovery areas on the moors, past the Canal Animations, ancient routes of the clog factory workers and exposing some of the work of the Pennine Bridleway Ranger.

Kim Wilde – Merry Christmas

Kim Wilde and Ricky Wilde serenade passengers on the train home after the MagicFM Christmas Party. After a truly rubbish day, I got on the train home and couldn’t get a seat, a man pulled out his guitar “Oh here we go!” I thought. Then a drunken woman starts singing. Hang on a minute, I know that voice?! It really was KIM WILDE! This totally made my day. Thank you. She is an absolute legend! Merry Christmas everyone.
Features ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’ and ‘Kids in America.’

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    Cant believe that miserable T**t in the green jacket on the train, c’mon where’s the party spirit there

    Wow. Maybe it’s the crimbo lager talking, but I got caught up in that chain reaction video, then the bit at the end with Sam Hill choking back the tears after coming off at Hafjell. He’s so neutral and business-like on the bike that you think it comes easy to him. It probably does come easy in a way, but he still puts in the hard yards.

    On the subject of the miserable geezer in the Kim Wilde video, just show him the video to ‘You Came’ by Kim Wilde sometime. I was only ten at the time, but things like that awake the inner man, even at that age!

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