Travers’ Ultimate Winter Mountain Bike: Angus 29+

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Ti, big tyres, and big clearance – but no mechs allowed

A zig here, a zag there
A zig here, a zag there

What time of year is it?  The dark and wet one!  As the sun has taken to lurking just above the horizon (when not hiding out of sight), our thoughts turn to simple, indestructible bikes for grit and grime.  Travers Bikes has obviously been thinking along the same lines, and their response is the Angus 29+.

Somehow that just looks uncomfortable.
Somehow that just looks uncomfortable.

The Angus 29+ is pitched as the perfect winter mountain bike.  Its Ti tubes will never rust and summer clearance for 29+ tyres means gobs of cold-weather clearance around non-plus 29er rubber.  The modified horseshoe chainstay yoke looks to carefully walk the line between chainring and tyre.  Up top, the chainstays look to have arrived after a very long trip on horseback.


The eccentric bottom bracket makes for easy singlespeed or hub gear setup.  Travers’ own eccentric accepts press-fit bearings directly, making for one less potentially-creaky interface.

A bolted split in the driveside seatstay will make room for a belt drive if so desired and the extended non-driveside dropout is hub gear friendly.  Anyone considering a dangly mech is out of luck, though- Angus will have none of it.

Head tube by Botticelli
Head tube by Botticelli

The pleasantly curvy head tube accepts a semi-integrated tapered headset.  The seat tube is a dropper-friendly 31.6, too.

Travers Bikes Angus 29+ 4749542_orig
Bare Ti is cool. Painted Ti is cooler.

The Angus 29+ sells for £1,300 including eccentric bottom bracket.  Four stock sizes are available and custom tweaks can be had for a price.  Travers will also arrange for paint, if so desired.

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Comments (7)

    A dropper? When the n’est plus ultra of the bike is simplicity.

    There is no cable routing or hole in the seat tube on the standard Angus frame for a dropper (can can be added on bespoke builds). The reviewer was just remarking that its a common size for dropper seat post and so one could be used

    What’s with the odd dropouts?

    Why no mech hanger?

    Why not machine the drive side dropout to accept a replaceable hanger?

    For £1300 I’d expect some very special details.

    The “odd dropouts” Bigblackshed are for a Rohloff hub because they are designed like this you do not need a torque bar.

    Why no mech hanger? this bike was designed from the ground up to be a single speed/hub geared frame. I have other frames in the range such as the “Rudy Fat’ that will accept 29+ wheels and have a mech hanger.

    Why not machine the drive side dropout to accept a replaceable hanger? I didn’t want to compromise the design, the Rudy Fat can be run as a single speed with a PF30 EBB and has a replaceable dropout and sounds like the frame that would suit your needs.

    Just asking questions. 😉

    Actually it’s refreshing to see the maker respond to Qs, rather than ignore or to be fobbed off with “it just is, now leave me alone”

    Why no rack moun…..oh.

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