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It’s Friday! Yes, yes, another week closer to death, you gloomy soul. But if you’re now fed up of bonfires, treacle toffee (mmmmmmmmm), bobbing for apples and burning your fingers on still-hot sparklers, you can assuage the pain by feasting your peepers on the collection of goodies we’ve had piped, hot and throbbing, into the office this week:

Cannondale F-Si Carbon 1

IMG_9881Twenty one pounds of ultralight carbon trail-tuned hardtail sweetness, blinged so hard it’s wearing diamond encrusted pants. Even the more moto-folks in the office are impressed – we can’t wait to see what it’ll make of the local trails. We originally covered its launch here.

Tuned for YOU

Long and slack(ish) so you can actually, y’know, enjoy riding it, rather than simply slathering the front tyre with drool from your overexertions when trying to beat Barry from accounts into 61st place…IMG_9879Lots of carbon everywhere to keep things featherweight

IMG_9888A Rockshox lock-out lever on the newish-and-improveder carbon Lefty we covered last year (it’s now got a round lower and MOAR SPANGLES, don’t’chaknow).


A XTR rear mech, with…IMG_9884..a Cannondale and SRAM combo up front.

IMG_9882And this shot is just being slightly arty and atmospheric for no particular reason.

Price: £4999.99

From: CSG

absoluteBlack Oval 32t Chainring

It's eccentric
It’s eccentric

Biopace demons begone! Dave’s going to be putting this properly ovalised 32t chainring through its paces to totally forget about his dead spot (he’s been to the GP and everything).

Price: £46.99


Stuff from Madison

Shimano XTR Front Mech

IMG_9905Replacement XTR front mech in a non bolt-on friendly shape to fit on – erm – bikes without bolts on the seat tube. Vrooom. And furthermore, neeeow.

Price: £79.99

Shimano XT Rear Mech

IMG_9903A rear mech that works with various other special things so that Chipps can finally get with the 21st century and try 1×10.

Price: £69.99

Shimano MT54 shoes

IMG_9908They look (a bit) like trail shoes. Fancy closure system, and a colour scheme that could charitably be described as “cheerful”.

Here’s a gratuitous video:

Price: £99.99

Park Tool Roll

IMG_9902Destined for emergency trailside fettling, this is going to live in the Singletrack Van after a series of embarrassing disasters. It won’t stop certain members of the office from forgetting their shorts, though…

Price: £59.99

All from: Madison

Knipex Pliers Wrench

Pack essential
Pack essential

After getting a tip off from Team Trek Factory Enduro Racing wrench James Richards, Dave’s sourced a 125mm version for his guide pack for emergency bodges and getting out of close scrapes.

Price: £38.99

From: All good tool shops


We’ve had a drop of Alpinestars goodness to get us through the winter months. All are price TBC at the moment…

All Mountain Jacket

John Sim's let himself go
John Sim’s let himself go
Mr Bean's let himself go
Thora Hird’s let herself go

Available in both eye poppingly Lime Green and a very pretty Cyan Blue the All Mountain Jacket looks bombproof and has a hood that’ll take a helmet too. Bonus.

Outrider Shorts

Or blue
Or blue
In Black
In Black

Water resistant ripstop shorts that have arrived just in time to keep the backwheel spray away.

Pathfinder Shorts

in Cyan
in Cyan
Or red.
Or red.

More bright colours for the modern rider. These Pathfinders look perfect for fitting kneepads under.

 Paragon Knee Guard

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Neat light kneepads with a soft elasticated mesh backing. Perfect for Flow tech and light to medium gnar riding.

Stratos Glove

Barney tries for ‘mysterious’: Achieves ‘constipated’.
Dan tries for ‘constipated’: achieves ‘troubling’.

Winter gloves for when the temperatures drop (that’s now. Ed.)

MTB Winter socks

Sock appeal

And socks for the warm feet too, ja?

Roads were not built for cars


Erm. It’s about roads an’ bikes an’ that, like wot it says. BIKERS WERE HERE FIRST!

Price: £19.99

From: All good (local) bookshops

Showers Pass Skyline Cap

For the love of all that is holy and good, Barney, GET A HAIRCUT. PLEASE. PLEASE! *weeps*

A nice warm hat to wear under your helmet. Or just for mooching around the bike-friendly cafe.

Price: £25.00

From: Showers Pass

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore bars

Long, high and bereft of twang

800mm of vibrocore damped goodness from Spank. Should save our Rich’s wrists from the pounding he usually gives them.

Price: £74.99

From: Hotlines


A fine selection of merino socks from Teko, covering all the bases from think winter wooly jobs, via mid length all-purpose numbers, to high summer whiteandgreenness. The best socks for the planet, the best socks on the planet (it says here)..


Unisex heavyweight M3rino hiking socks, £18.00.

M3rino unisex pro ultra-light mtb socks, £15.00

Unisex light minicrew socks, £11.00

All from: Anatom

…and we’re done! Enjoy the squelchy squelchy, and we’ll see you next week!


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