Acre Supply returns with clean Merino hoody

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More urbane riding gear from SanFran-based Mission Workshop offshoot…

Before, during, or after the ride
Before, during, or after the ride

San Francisco-based Acre Supply is back with a cosy-looking piece for winter.  The Faroe is a Merino wool pullover designed to function as either a base- or outer layer.  A fixed hood adds an extra measure of warmth for truly chilly days or pre/post ride snuggling, but looks to be compact enough to stay out of the way when off.

Nobody ever talks about the mildly rebellious brown sheep of the family
Made from wool from the family’s mildly rebellious brown sheep

Being made of nature’s favourite fibre, the wool top (with nylon for durability) regulates body temperature in both the heat and the cold, fights stink, and stretches enough to move with the rider.  A single vertical-zip back pocket holds the essentials without interfering with hydration packs.  Available in black, grey or brown, the Faroe is proudly made in the USA.

Acre Merino-Wool-Pullover-5
Zip it. Zip it good.

Top-quality materials and first-world manufacturing don’t come cheap – $185 (£120) – but Acre follow the philosophy that it’s better to have one great, responsibly-made piece than several cheaply-made meh items.

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    Can’t afford but looks great!

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