Trek Factory Enduro Racing Part One – Tracy Moseley

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In the first part of our interviews with Trek’s Factory Enduro team, we caught up with World Enduro Champion Tracy Moseley…


ST: It’s not just been an eventful year for you but it also seems to have been a year of neck and neck racing this year.

TM: It’s been good I think for racing’s sake, in the middle of the year I felt like I was on a bit of a roll, and I thought the title was going to be quite doable again and then my US trip didn’t go quite as well. I didn’t feel good on my bike at Whistler particularly. Which meant that this weekend was going to be pretty cut throat, which it was.

So it came down to the final stage of the year and I had an hour and fifty minutes to climb to that and think about it. So a lot of thoughts go through your mind when a whole year of work comes down to one fifteen minute stage. I guess it creates the best racing, it made me push on when I realised how much was at stake. When you wanted to take a breather, it was time to crack on.

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    Congrats Tracy and good luck with whatever you do next year.

    What do MTBers do when they retire from Enduro anyway? It’s uncharted territory.

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