Geax re-launches as Vittoria, add new tyres

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Peyote, Barzo, and Jafaki join Saguaro, Goma, and AKA

Barzo: the racer's choice for demanding conditions
Barzo: the racer’s choice for demanding conditions

After nearly twenty-five years as a mountain-only company, Vittoria’s Geax brand has been retired, with all existing models being brought under their parent company’s banner.  To compliment the continuation treads, Vittoria has announced three new models- all of which look promising for their intended uses.

Mud-flinging knobs
Mud-flinging knobs

Designed for downhill and enduro use, the Jafaki looks as though it could also be a good Alpine or aggressive trailbike candidate.  The tyre is modeled after downhillers’  practice of cutting down their downhill tyres to make them faster and more versatile, with short, well-reinforced lugs.  The pattern is built to shed mud and provide grip at a variety of turn and lean angles.  Weights range from 1,250g (26×2.35) to 1,330g (27.5×2.5).

Peyote for "awesome handling and speed on hardpack"
Peyote all-around tread
(Pay no attention to the “Barzo” signage)

More of an all-around XC/trail tyre, the Peyote’s numerous low-profile lugs are said to provide “awesome handling and speed on hardpack” as well as efficient clearing of mud.  Available in 2.1in and 2.25in widths for 26in, 27.5, and 29er wheels, the Peyote is only available in Vittoria’s (Geax’s) TNT casing.  Given that sturdy casing, weights that range from 550g (26×2.1) to 720g (29×2.25) are pretty impressive.

Faster, faster, go!
Faster, faster, go!

Coming in at 525g for a non-tubeless 26×2.1, the Barzo is the raciest of the bunch.  The “technical small-block tread layout [has] a constant effective-edge center (for fast rolling) and lean-dependent sipe angles.”  Explicitly targeted at expert racers, the Barzo likely moves quickly but takes a measure of skill to corner with confidence.  TNT models are also available, with weights from 560g (26×2.1) to 720g (29×2.25).

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    Given how good the Goma and the Saguaro are, I can’t wait for these new tyres to arrive!

    looks good – I really like the vittoria xg tyres and was considering the geax range before they started to disappear!

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