MONTANUS “The Call of the Mountain”

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Dave’s been watching this adventure by two Italians, Francesco D’Alessio and Giorgio Frattale, slowly come to fruition and here’s the result. It’s a video that captures everything that’s right about getting out into the mountains and having an adventure…

Explore. Dream. Discover.
MONTANUS is a great adventure of two dudes riding bikes in the wilderness to reach happiness and fun.

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Comments (6)

    Hmmmmm Sausages… true trail fodder

    Is there a word for the highest level of jealousy?

    Great adventure but there’s no way the had a tent, sleeping bags, a stove, dinner and breakfast in those little packs.

    dang100 that’s simply not so. I do some wild camping here in the UK. With a down bad and a tent like this one (same make as in vid) can see tent in vid is a single wall which will make it lighter and more compact. that tent is two man and packs down to 1 ltr ! that’s a 1/4 of a 2 liter pop bottle between them. and a camping stove folds up into an an ultra small package. look it up. you won’t need many extras for an overnighter. and those packs certainly have enough, I would say 35 L + maybe, which when sharing the tent goes a long way.

    lovely film. inspirational; i’m getting my back pack out.

    Great film but I agree with Dang100 and I do enough biving to be pretty confident that their camping kit, food and change of clothes was with the camera crew !

    ps I would love to know where that was because it look to be an epic ride

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