Interbike 2014: Wolf Tooth add tools, gravel ring

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1x11: You like it on the trail, will you love it on the road?
1×11: You like it on the trail,
will you love it on the road?

Welcome to Interbike!  Your US correspondent drew the ‘high booth numbers’ straw and found US machinists Wolf Tooth Components just one booth from the end of the hall.  Having cut their teeth on narrow/wide chainrings for a number of applications (direct mount for SRAM, tidy versions for XTR, and so on), the range is now broadening.

Magnets, How do they work?
How do they work?

First on the list is this lightweight Centrelock/cassette wrench.  Intended for travel (or even bikepacking), the aluminium handle removes centrelock rotors for packing into flight cases- and installs them for unpacking ($33/£20).  Three rare earth magnets accept a stainless cassette lockring (or internal Centrelock) tool, keeping it firmly in place during use ($16/£10)- the first of several inserts planned.

Bigger = faster
Bigger = faster

For the simplicity-embracing commuters or graveleers in the audience, Wolf Tooth’s 50t Drop-Stop chainring keeps chains secure at warp speed.  Combined with a wide-range cassette (say, an 11-36 or 11-32 retired from the mountain bike), SRAM’s Type 2 mechs work great with SRAM 10- and 11-speed road shifters.  Seems like a nice way to clean things up for those who don’t mind slightly bigger steps between gears.  36-44t, 50t, and 52t are available from $80-90 (£49-55).

Keep that steerer & stem happy
Keep that steerer & stem happy

Some nice, lightweight caps integrate spacers for those steerers and stems with which a top spacer is recommended- cleanly.  Even on stouter setups, it’s not a bad idea to leave a few mm to keep everything stiff and strong.  5-15mm versions are available for $15 (£9).

Which Wolf?

Four laser-etched front derailleur mount overs are also offered- wear your 1-by-ism with pride!  $16 (£10).

All Wolf Tooth components are machined in the USA and ship directly to UK consumers.


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