Interbike 2014: Lovely, lightweight fatness at 616

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24.5lb handmade steel fatbike at a surprising price…

Bendy but good.
Bendy but good.

Hand built in Michigan by the founder of Nuke Proof (of carbon hub, rather than mail-order-rad fame), 616 Fabrications’ Meunzie was one of the most appealing fatbikes at Interbike this year.  The unique, creamy shade of “pistachio” and retro-style twin top tubes/seatstays did their part, as did the bike’s remarkable 24.5 lb weight- especially given the Brooks leather saddle and Avid mechanical discs pictured.

SONY DSCHiding in the deepest, darkest corner of the Mandalay Bay convention hall, the Muenzie was illuminated by the enthusiasm of its builder, with John Muezenmeyer excitedly greeting nearly every passer-by.  Hand build in Michigan, the frame is built of True Temper OX Platinum straight tubes, with German-made race-car-grade steel chosen for the twin arcs running from stem to stern.

Brazing makes seat tube junction possible
Brazing makes seat tube junction possible

Low-temperature fillet brazing makes the thin seat tube junction plate possible without further reinforcement or subsequent seat tube reaming.  All told, the bare frame weighs 3lb even- comfortably in the carbon fibre weight range.  What isn’t in the carbon fibre range is the Muenzie’s price:  normally $1,450 (£890), now on preorder special for $1,000 (£613).

Also bend, also good.
Also bend, also good.

With some extra room in the budget, the matching bar/stem might be tempting.  28in/710mm wide and available in 24°, 30°, and 48° sweeps, the bullhorn combo can be built to match the purchaser’s existing hand position.

Built in the 616! (much colder than the 661)
Built in the 616!
(much colder than the 661)

616 is the telephone code for the Michigan area in which the frames are built- not to be confused with southern California’s 661.  More information on the whole range is available at

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