The Commencal Meta AM V4 looks quite… normal

by Marc Basiliere 4

The bike that was enduro before enduro was a thing..

She's a looker
She’s a looker

A decade after its introduction, the 2015 Commencal Meta series enters its fourth incarnation.  Still as rowdy and fluoro as ever (and looking like a bit of a trailblazer in that respect), the Meta AM V4 has been designed to be every bit as fun as its predecessor while improving pedaling efficiency.

Of course, it also looks great, its low-slung top tube hiding the rear shock, improving standover clearance, and allowing for easy adjustment.  The up-to-date combination of a steep (74 degree) seat tube and relaxed (66 degree) head tube should keep enough weight over the front wheel to make climbing bearable while allowing for stability at speed.  Top tubes are long (618mm for the large), encouraging the use of short, quick-handling stems.

Not the factory spec- but we can dream
Not the factory spec- but we can dream

“No, it’s not 30% stiffer than the META V3. In fact it’s slightly softer than its predecessor.”

The Meta AM V4 is welded of 6066 aluminium to maximise the price:performance ratio.  Without a shock, the frame weighs a claimed 3kg – “significantly lighter than the V3” – prioritising durability over unsustainably light weight.

In a break from the usual marketing claims, Commencal notes that “stiffness is a matter of balance” and claims that the Meta AM V4 does a better job of maintaining lateral grip in rough terrain than its predecessor.

The magic is in the details
The magic is in the details

Commencal’s single-pivot Contact System suspension design delivers 150mm of rear travel, intended to be paired with 150-160mm of front suspension.  Wheels are 650b and the main pivot is on the high side to allow for perky pedaling and a more compliant rearward axle path.  The high-mounted shock allows for easy platform switch access should monkey motion strike.

The press-fit bottom bracket is ringed by ISCG 05 chain device mounts and the front derailleur mount is removable for weight savings good looks.  A neatly integrated disc brake post mount keeps the caliper out of harm’s way while justifying the purchase of that set of T-handled Allen wrenches you’ve been eying.

The Meta AM V4 will be available in three builds from October.  Commencal-direct pricing ranges from EUR2,000 (£1,590) for the SRAM X7 / Marzocchi 350 Origin to EUR 3,3,00 (£2,625) for the SRAM X1 / RockShox Pike Race.  More at

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  1. Its growing on me, but as a bit of a Commencal fan boy, I’m struggling to find the bit that’s mad and really inconvenient. Maybe the BB shell still won’t take a BB?

    It does seem very well thought out, but doesn’t look as chunky as the V3. Will need to see one in the flesh, which will be tricky as CRC puts shops off stocking them…

    PS “should monkey motion strike.”

    Have a missed a mtb jargon meeting?

  2. It kind of looks good, but it also looks like it’ll date really quickly. Like 1 year until those graphics get on your nerves.

  3. the brake mount is the bit that I can’t decide if it’s a really neat idea, or really stupid idea.
    will need to get some paper and a pen and draw some vector diagrams.

  4. Not sure CRC will be stocking them:

    For 2015 Commencal are concentrating on direct distribution, to allow them to compete with direct brands and offer a more competitive price to its customers.

    Commencal will still have dealers, but they will no longer be going through distributors in Europe and they will be starting Commencal USA very shortly. This means if customers have any queries about the bikes, they will be directly in touch with the guys that helped develop them.

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