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One of the latest products from Scott is the new Vikos jacket; a lightweight, packable, minimalist shell.

The Vikos comes equipped with Scott’s DRYOsphere and their all-year round technology. DRYOsphere provides a waterproof/windproof/breathable barrier which aims to protect you from the elements.

The all-year round feature represents pieces in the Scott Sports clothing range that are for use all year round; a balance of performance and versatility.

The Vikos is available in a number of colors, five to be exact;  black, green flash, zaffre blue, iron grey and the color we have on test tibetan red. The five choice colors gives you a really good range, from fairly quiet to shout out loud.


First impressions are good, I was really happy with the jacket’s colour and design; a nice clean looking jacket that doesn’t stand out too much but still turns a few heads. The matching color bag that the jacket packs into is impressively small and is also waterproof, I found you didn’t even need to roll or fold the jacket to fit it in, you could literally just cram it in and that was it. I really liked how small you could pack the jacket up, it made the choice easy when I was picking a jacket to quickly nip out either on the bike or just for a stroll. The packed up Vikos fits in any bag easily, hardly taking up any space in your pack.

In use the Vikos is super comfy and ridiculously lightweight, at times you almost forget you’re wearing a waterproof jacket. When riding it’s really impressive; even though the jacket’s wind and waterproof it’s also really breathable which makes it a really nice jacket to ride in. There were times where I did remove the jacket to stop from getting a little hot, but not often. I would often wear it even when it wasn’t raining or really windy, but just to keep my body temperature up hanging around on photoshoots for those unexpected Instabanga shots that just can’t be left.

There were times when I felt bad getting it muddy, but after a quick wash the jacket goes back to looking brand new. One small issue I had with the jacket was not on performance but of course on the price; £180 is a lot of money and would definitely put a lot of people off, but when you look at other leading brands and competitors similar jackets that exceed £200, it’s not actually too bad given it’s performance.

Overall: The Vikos is a really good jacket, a really easy to wear rain/wind proof garment that packs up real small into a handy waterproof pouch. Yes it could be seen to be expensive, but if it does its job, and in this case does its job really well then surely it’s worth paying for?

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Brand:Scott Sports
From:Scott Sports
Tested:by Dan for 3 Months

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