Eurobike Demo Day: Here’s what caught our eye, part three

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In the final trawl of the outdoors before heading inside for the next three days, here’s our last haul of Demo Day…


Here’s the new Met Parachute full face helmet.

Collaborative project
Collaborative project

Remember the Northwave and Michelin collaboration? We’ve got a meeting with Northwave to catch up on the whole range but these are looking pretty promising with a decent aggressive sole.

what tyre manufacturer for?
What tyre manufacturer for?

More traditional shoes also available in a wide choice of colours.

all the colours
All the colours

Radon had the Slide 150 on display. If you can’t wait, here’s our earlier story on the 2015 range.

"Proper light"
‘Proper light’

VP had what must be one of the lightest (and most expensive) flat pedals on the market with the VP Blade.

You'd think the future was electro
You’d think the future was electro.

If you were in any doubt that electric bikes have a future then the amount of test bikes flying around the Demo pits would convince you they’re here to stay. Whatever you want: fat bike, full sus, tandem or hardtail – they’re all here.

Pro bike
Pro bike

First pro bike of the show is this BH Bikes, which belongs to Julie Bresset on the FSA stand.

Best Pro graphic ever
Best pro graphic ever
Everyone likes a rainbow right?
Everyone likes a rainbow right?

Meanwhile in amidst the sea of bouncy big enduro bikes, the clean lines of this Focus 29er caught Dave’s eye.

Nice simple 29er hardtail ja?
Nice simple 29er hardtail ja?
Proper wide bars
Proper wide bars
Not just gateaus
Not just gåteaux

Sometimes clean and simple is just right too…

We're liking thin gloves
We’re liking thin gloves

Alpinestars has a hint of its new MTB range with these rather nice minimalist and thin-palmed full-finger gloves in camo or plainer black.

More colours!
More colours!

Full on enduro colouring also available in other garments. We’ll be featuring another story showing more of the range later…


And in that typical to and fro of want/need, Dave’s also got an itch to get some saddle time on the new Canyon Strive.

Perfect Bladerunner bike
Perfect Bladerunner bike

While in the bleak Bladerunner future he’ll be scooting around among the replicants on this belt-drive town bike.

Integrated lighting
Integrated lighting.

Hey look it’s Hans Rey!

It's Hans!
It’s Hans!
27.2 dropper
27.2in dropper

KS is just about ready (think December) to release the 27.2 LEV Integra 100mm dropper. XC riders and retro bike hoarders can now join in the fun.

More electrickery
More electrickery.

Even Nicolai has got in on the volted-up action. Self-uplift and plummet possible with this very yellow braaaper.

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Comments (16)

    Is that Canyon not the Strive?

    Not just retro-boys after a 27.2 post – owners of Orange Bloods and older Fives can rejoice too. (Oh, wait. They’re retro too? Nooooo!)

    The future shouldn’t be electric! There is a place for them but the great fun of a bike is it’s simplicity, all our bikes seem to be getting more complex but at least we are still pedalling.

    What does the Integra do that the Standard KS Lev doesn’t do?

    Now you’ve done the Northwave stand, make sure you go to the Giro sdtand, and get some shots of the Teraduro shoes,


    Electric bikes are well cool, huge fun.

    What is it about pro bikes, doesn’t matter if they’re DH or XC, they always look….just so.

    Those shoes from Michelin/Northwave look ideal….

    Electric bikes are fine and all that but they are NOT my hobby.

    Please please please take them away to mopedtrackworld or dernytrackworld or some such.

    So belt drive canyon commuter looks smooth – presume its got an eccentric BB for tensioning – but where did they split the frame?

    I’m not sure what has upset me more:-

    That god ugly BH bike…….or Nicolai building an electric bike

    Both are hideous, but any electric bikes, designed to be used on our trails, is unforgivable

    ^^ What eddie11 and boltonjon said about electric bikes.

    KS Lev Integra – I assumed that was the answer [internal cable routing]. Useless for a ‘retro’ bike build then as no one in their right mind will be drilling an old frame.

    Just back from riding in France & those damn electric things are everywhere 🙁

    How the bloomin heck am I going to get that remote cable up my Krampus, that’s what I’d like to know….

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