Eurobike 2014 Demo Day: Fatbike Edition

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Here’s a quick low-down for all the fat fans out there.

First up if you’ve missed our previous reports, here’s a reminder of the Salsa Bucksaw. 100mm travel of pure monster truck, distilled into a bike.

Like a monster truck
Like a monster truck

We think just about every major manufacturer has now got something ‘chunky’ in their range. Scott is busy showing off its new Big Ed: a Rockshox Bluto kitted-out hardtail.

Don’t call it mister

The Big Ed is also showing off Kenda’s Juggernaut 4in tyre.

Massive Rubber

And here’s Syncros’ entry into the World of Fat Rims:

Syncros rim
Syncros take it a step further

Further widening the fat tyre gene pool, Schwalbe have introduced the Jumbo Jim.

Jumbo like a German sausage

And here’s the Juggernaut in its Sport format:


More fat news tomorrow…

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