Eurobike 2014: Women’s Fashion News Part One.

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With all the major manufacturers keen to show off their latest bike wear collections, Sharon went on a mission to look at what’s new for women and what will be cool to wear in the saddle next season.

The fashion show…

The Eurobike fashion show is the first clue to the colour palette for 2015. Last year, the sceptics among us thought that bright colours were too ‘Euro’ for us and that black and red were going far enough. It now seems that even the more conservative  seem to be embracing colour with confidence. All-black baggies are definitely on the decline.

Colour is coming
Scott and Shimano showcase a taster of the new bright, trendsetting colours for 2015: jade, forest green and turquoise contrasted with plummy pinks and orangey reds.

Before you remind us that looks are not the whole story, be assured that the girls at Singletrack will be looking forward to product testing the new kit for functionality as soon as it is available.

Maloja Moun-10

Maloja’s lifestyle range celebrates the brand’s alpine roots and 10 years in the outdoor clothing business, with the ‘Mount-10’ collection for 2015. With an eye for design detail and a focus on sustainably produced fabric and functionality, Maloja has used this anniversary to reinterpret highlighted products of previous ranges. The good news for those who like clothing without a conscience, is an increase in the number of UK stockists next year.

Retro but modern
Flower camouflage design inspired by a 1960’s camping chair
Gore-Tex Active Laminate waterproof shorts and jacket – with attachable sleeves
Meloja’s ‘Meripro’ fabric has merino on the outside and a polyester inside, providing breathability and temperature regulation
Bluesign approved fabrics for environmental friendliness and humane labour conditions
Bluesign-approved fabrics for environmental friendliness and humane labour conditions

Sweet Protection’s new female-specific range

After going to great lengths to find out what makes us happy Sweet Protection was proud to show off its new range of female-specific bike wear. With a reputation for quality fabrics and construction and some girls already poaching the Hunter Enduro shorts from the mens range, I think this could be the start of something good.


Sweet Protection Gasolina jerseys in midnight blue and maroon red.
Sweet Protection Gasolina jerseys in midnight blue and maroon red.
New lightweight kneepads. perfect combo with the Gasolina shorts. Removable Sas-tec inserts for easy washing
New lightweight kneepads, the perfect combo with the Gasolina shorts. Removable SAS-TEC inserts for easy washing
Coordinating Bushwacker helmet in mint green
Coordinating Bushwhacker helmet in mint green
…and gloves too.
…and gloves too.

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Comments (11)

    Argh, more pastel colours. Why can’t we have some vibrant oranges and greens instead of a constant production of pink, purple and jade?

    I do rate the Maloja stuff though. Their freeride shorts and jerseys are excellent.

    Blimey! Do they realise that here in the UK, specifically Dahn Saaarf, we have to put up with hard water that is not at all kind to garment washing.

    Another point, whilst I’m on a roll (!!), I ride on my own and wearing all black suits my purpose of not encouraging unwanted attention. Not everyone wants to stand out!!

    More capri length baggies please!

    Can those bright colours cope with mud? Lots of it 9 months of the year!!

    Looks like I’m going to be resorting to stealing hubbys tops again just so I don’t look like a candied doughnut. Not being skinny or short in the body like a Japanese girl I need something that flatters and is loose. I like the darker blues but wish I could find something of hip length, along the lines of downhill race tops without the racy lads designs sat across my ampleness. Agree with cinnamon girl on the capri baggies.

    @spockrider Have a look at RaceFace – the Khyber jersey is a really nice fit with plenty of length and not too many colours.

    The usual annual question…..any women’s waterproof

    RaceFace will be covered in a future story btw

    Well at least next year we may be able to see approaching riders before you hear


    @ spockrider – have you thought of trying tops from outdoor companies? I wear a Berghaus zipped neck long sleeve top and much prefer that style to jerseys. As regards capris I find that Rose Bikes do a good range of ladies clothing that’s not all in tiny sizes.

    @ clareymorris – there have been some good deals on Gore Alp X waterproof shorts, worth a Google.

    I’m digging the Maloja Gore Tex stuff…properly smart.

    Just seen the new Raceface range, that’s what I need. Thanks for the tips. I’m liking the look of the Gore Tex range too. It’s Endura 3q length shorts for me though. Shame I could only get them in black last year.

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