Eurobike 2014: Behind the Scenes

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Eurobike is a big event for us and the rest of the bike industry – it’s true to say that no bike mag can afford not to be here. The problem is that Friedrichshafen isn’t the easiest of places to actually get to. There are no direct flights from the UK and it’s a convoluted journey of planes, trains, automobiles and ferries for most of the assembled press. Read our more detailed background story to the show here.

So, in a lighthearted look at our trip so far, here’s a short collection of our behind the scenes look at Singletrack at Eurobike 2014. There are no sneaky spy shots of the latest kit here – sorry.

The journey…

We have a new van now. It’s also just been ‘coloured in’ quite nicely, so this year we decided to pass on the usual plane and ferry logistics and instead decided to drive all the way. So our journey began in sunny Calderdale and would take us to Hull, Rotterdam, through Holland and most of Germany and end right up against the German/Swiss border.

The press room

Well, it’s only one part of one of the press rooms really…

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    Enjoy Fredricks Shaven.. hope to see you Saturday…

    It’s definitely the Party Boat! Long weekends home from Germany when I was based there were never quite the same if you did the return by plane rather than the Hull/Rotterdam ferry…

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