Between a rock and an ‘ard place.

by singletrackjenn 1

Jenn’s view of the recent(ish) ‘Ard Rock Enduro from the inside. (Most) pictures and video thanks to ‘Ard Rock.

First, an explanation for the uninitiated: the ‘Ard Rock Enduro is one of the few enduro events on the UK calendar that manages to successfully mix top-class, demanding riding with an atmosphere so laid back it could probably do with its own guy rope to keep it upright. It’s in a lovely bit of the UK – the northern bit of the Yorkshire Dales – and, unlike a lot of other enduro events, it’s not held entirely inside a coniferous forest so it’s a grand day out for the soul, too. The application of the ‘grass roots’ tag is much over-used and often inappropriately applied, but this is one event that deserves it.

‘Ard Rock is also pretty unique in that a sportive format of the event runs on Saturday, with enduro practice alongside, allowing riders who want one time for the whole distance to go all-out under the clock without the stop-start enduroists and enduroistas getting in the way. Sunday is enduro day, using the familiar untimed transition/timed stages format. Both events draw large fields; it’s hard to believe looking around the uncrowded event site but this year’s event has nearly 850 riders tackling the course over the weekend.

'Ard Rock Enduro 2014-1509
Rock on.

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Big thanks to Stu, Joe and the ‘Ard Rock crew, and the puncture fairy for not paying us a fourth visit.
‘Ard Rock’s film of the event is here:

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  1. Glad I wasn’t the only one do the odd push up those roads with a 1x . They did seem to be endless.

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