Absolute Black is back… with a double bash guard

by Marc Basiliere 1

When 2×10 becomes 1×10 and tabs need tidying

Bashing? Smashing!
Bashring? Smashing!

More today from our favourite British-Polish aluminium lust-stokers. The Absolute Black Bashring is intended to sit in when a double’s outer 104BCD ‘ring has been removed, providing an XC- or trail-level measure of protection for a single inner.

The product was inspired by the success of the brand’s 64BCD narrow/wide chainring.  Because the chainring uses a crankset’s innermost position mount (to allow for sub-30 tooth counts), the naked outer tabs looked funny and needed a visual tidying.  Protecting the newly vulnerable chain is an added bonus.

Absolute Red?
Absolute Red?

Designed in England and CNC’d in Poland, the Bashring weighs 51g and is available now in either black or red. Pricing is a not-unreasonable-for-something-made-in-the-EU £37/$51.

Compliments 26-30t aB chainrings
Compliments 26-30t aB chainrings

The narrow/wide chainring that inspired it all (above) sells for £43/$56.


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