Tyre Unwrapping – 1st World Problem Solved

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Ever battled with those tie wraps that keep your brand new tyre locked down? If you are like us you will have tried everything from trying to slide it off to desperately slashing at it with your door key rather than actually looking around for a sensible pair of scissors to cut it. Well, it turns out that you don’t need any tools at all and it’s a lot easier than you ever imagined to pop the shackles from your rubber.

Thanks to Rob Scullion from Cambrian Tyres for the tip – he was here showing us new Continental Tyres

Now, if everyone who already knew how to do this would like to rub our noses in it by posting comments below that would be inevitable.




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    But some tyres come with pesky Zip-ties, i hope that there is a new how to video for that coming up soon. 😉

    Learnt this opening boxes of photocopy paper – flip the box, twist the strap, tear it open, pull bottom box up and voila!

    Isn’t it awesome learning new stuff!? 🙂

    “Learnt this opening boxes of photocopy paper”


    Runs to box of copier paper to put to the test. Tis true!!

    After 20 years of opening boxes of engineering parts I’ve got this off to a fine art, though every so often they don’t use heat welded joints and clamp them with steel clips.
    Then the big snips come out.

    I learnt this working a summer job at a local jam factory on the packing line year ago. Probably the highlight of working there, to be honest (learning the amount of wasp that’s fine in jam as it will dissolve was certainly the lowest point).

    Why do you need scissors? 🙂

    I am going to buy some new tyres just to try it out

    I’ve just got some new tyres but they have zip ties round them instead.
    Might send them back.

    Pepe Jeans factory 25 years ago.
    Can you put the tape in plastics recycling?

    I’m just interested in the percentage of dissolved wasp in my jam now!

    Oh my word, where have you been? I thought everyone knew that little trick ;o)

    I came across it working in B&Q as a student in the ’80s

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