The Dr Dew Interview

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Singletrack recently caught up with living Mountain Biking legend, Doug ‘Dr. Dew’ Lafavor,’ who is credited as being one of the former founder owners of the Deep Cove Bike Shop that first brought mountain bikes to Canada’s North Shore, as well as being a long running and innovative stalwart for Kona. He gives an insightful interview on his roots and Kona’s past, present and future history, as well as his views on cycling’s current trends and on how to get the perfect work life balance.

The Dr will see you now…

Tell us something about your background, from the Deep Cove Bike Shop to Kona and the Dr Dew moniker.

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the end of the 15 step commute

You now live in Vancouver’s interior, what’s your work life balance like?

The Kona owners have always been open and encouraging here at Kona. This year I moved 4 hours outside of Vancouver to the desert with my wife. Over 20 years working in the lower eastside of Vancouver ran its course. I live across the trail from the lake and have virtually unlimited riding at my doorstep. Road biking, mountain biking water skiing, paddle boarding, snow skiing, kite boarding, the list is long. I am able to walk from my house 15 steps into my shop / office and work undisturbed. Living this life in wine country…It’s not for everybody.

Interviewers: Marcus Farley and Tim Spickernell

Photos by: Doug Lafavor and Chipps

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