Scott introduces crash-friendly Lycra*

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*and by Lycra we mean “form-fitting cycling shorts”

Spark 700 RC_Action Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_07Probably not.  Granted, we say that we ride in baggies because of their crash performance- but what happens when tight shorts can shrug off the nastiest tumble?  Well now we may just find out (maybe it’s our collective modesty).

Oh- oh- ooh!
Oh- oh- ooh!

Thanks to some close work with fabric company Schoeller, Scott has developed what they call ITD ProTec-Technology, which brings a significantly higher abrasion resistance to tight shorts.  Inspired in part by those used in the sailing world, ITD’s knit carbon yarns are said to provide a higher breakage strength than traditional fibres (as well as a spouse-friendly antibacterial effect). For cycling clothing, these carbon yarns are combined with abrasion-resistant ceramic surface printing for a material that can handle nasty crashes, on- or off-road.  And belt sanders:

While tight shorts aren’t for everyone, when temps rise and there are big rides to be ridden there’s little that can compete in terms of comfort or muscle support.  As road clothing trends ever lighter and thinner, it’s nice to have an option that’s recommended for off road use.

Wear it with pride
Ideal for fleeing bad weather

Scott’s RC ProTec kit, pictured above, features ITD ProTec fabric on the bibs’ side panels and jersey’s shoulders.  The set will be available from January 2015 at a price of €115 (£91) for the top and €130 (£103) for the bottom.  Not keen on the XC look?  They make plenty of baggies too.

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    Endura have been making the MT500 for ages and do deserve credit there…


    Distinct lack of retailers in the South stocking Scott ladies clothing. A shame that we’re missing out on well- designed good quality clothing.

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