Neither race nor enduro: WTB’s Trail Boss tyre

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Will it be the boss of you?

"the tire that all of us would want to ride"
“the tire that all of us would want to ride”

Looking a bit like a reeled-in Vigilante, WTB’s new Trail Boss tyre aims for the broadest (and most challenging) of designations: the ultimate all-around trail tyre.  Coming this summer as a 2015 model, the Trail Boss balances a tight tread pitch for low rolling resistance with staggered, siped knobs for plenty of cornering and braking traction.

A great trail tire needs to be fast, light, work in numerous conditions, have good braking characteristics yet still somehow be tough enough to be ridden aggressively.  I like to think the Trail Boss does all that and more.  It has tight enough tread pitch to keep it rolling fast and smooth even on hard surfaces but the squared off blocks still dig in hard when it comes time to slow down in a hurry.  We strategically added siping that expose more working edges as the tire is pushed harder in the corners.”

One tyre to boss them all.
One tyre to boss them all.

The Trail Boss also marks the debut of WTB’s TCS Tough and TCS Light tubeless-ready casings.  The names really capture the intent- the Light is lighter (by about 120g in a given size) and the Tough is, erm,… tougher.  Similarly self-explanatory High Grip and Fast Rolling tyre compounds will both be offered in the Tough casing, while the Light gets the harder-wearing Fast Rolling rubber.

SizeModelProjected Weight
27.5 x 2.25Comp Wire Bead840g
27.5 x 2.25TCS Light, Fast Rolling750g
27.5 x 2.25TCS Tough, Fast Rolling870g
27.5 x 2.25TCS Tough, High Grip900g
29er x 2.25Comp Wire Bead905g
29er x 2.25TCS Light, Fast Rolling795g
29er x 2.25TCS Tough,  Fast Rolling920g

UK Pricing, through Hotlines, has yet to be set.

The full specs are already live at

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