Madison Addict 3-Layer waterproof jacket.

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I am set in my anorak ways. I want my very breathable waterproof jacket to be light, pack away nicely and have a decent hood.

For years this has meant that I’ve used generic outdoorsy Gore-Tex or eVent jackets, usually forgoing a little longevity (and value) in the quest for minimalism. The Addict isn’t a jacket designed to be kept at the bottom of your riding pack just in case, though. It is a jacket of substance… but is it heavy duty, or just plain heavy?

Madison jacket

A cool, damp spring gave me plenty of testing time and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. On big days in the mountains, with the clag well and truly set in, there was something reassuring about the weight. Its voluminous (detachable) hood repeatedly got pulled over my helmet at gate stops and food breaks. Riding alone, there was comfort in listening to the patter of raindrops across my shoulders as I wriggled deeper into the collar.

When it comes to the crunch, no: Madison’s 3-layer, own-brand fabric – like other 3-layer, own-brand fabrics – isn’t as breathable as more expensive fabrics. In the middle of summer this may be an issue. On a cold wet day, it made not one jot of difference to me. There are vent zips at the front which are easily zipped while riding and suck in decent airflow, helping temperature regulation.

The cut is fairly square, which allows for plenty of layering underneath (good, in my opinion) although the long of limb may find the sleeves a bit short. Multiple pockets mean that at least a couple should be accessible while wearing a pack; I would have loved an OS map-sized chest pocket though.

Overall: A dependable friend for when the weather forecast changes from grim to minging (Met Office-approved terms, honest).

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Product:Addict 3-Layer waterproof jacket.
Tested:by Tom Hill for Two months.

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