Hydrapak Stash Bottle disappears when empty

by Marc Basiliere 6

hmm… what could we bring along?

Now you see it...
Now you see it…

Hydration bladder and pack makers Hydrapak have just been in touch with news about their new Stash bottle.  Pitched as a commuter item, we could see the collapsible bottle coming in handy as auxiliary water storage for bikepacking trips (it is said to fit bottle cages when full) or as portage for any beverages that should be kept separate from the main supply.  The screw top (a bite valve is optional) could even make the bottle useful for camping luxuries such as pancake batter, seeing as we’ve already got the maple syrup covered.  With a 750ml capacity, the Stash might even be helpful in resolving late night brain-vs-bladder debates.

We’ve just heard from Hydrapak and they misspoke- the Stash doesn’t really fit nicely into bottle cages.  But it should work well stowed away or in pack-side bottle pockets…

Colour coding is key
Colour coding is key

From Hydrapak:

Hydrapak, a leading global producer of active-lifestyle and technologically advanced hydration solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of its innovative Stash™ Collapsible Bottle.

Margaritas in the lime?
Margaritas in the lime?

“The Stash™ fills a void for consumers looking for a multi-purpose and space-efficient hydration solution…  It’s great in your backpack as a soft alternative to the ubiquitous hard bottle or to have stacked in your glove compartment for on-the-go everyday use. Hydration gear can’t get any more minimalist or versatile.”

Following its ISPO award-winning SoftFlask™ – released in fall 2013 – Hydrapak’s new and highly-anticipated Stash™ Collapsible Bottle has a 750ml (25 oz.) capacity, stands upright in-use, and packs down to just 2 inches in height for simple storing.

The patent pending Stash™ is engineered with a soft TPU film body welded to a molded top and bottom that snaps together when compressed. The Stash™ stands upright when full and can be nested together when collapsed; allowing for well-organized multi-unit storage useful for camping, adventure travel and everyday use.

Additional features include a screw cap opening and nylon finger loop with optional twist locking bite-valve accessory.

The Stash™ Collapsible Bottles are BPA/PVC free, dishwasher safe and come with a No-Leak™ Product Warranty. The Stash 750ml (25oz) bottles are slated for retail distribution in late Fall 2014 and will be available in Blue, Orange, Green Lime and Smoke colors with MSRP at $17.99.

Hydrapak is distributed in the UK by Fisher Outdoor Leisure.


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  1. “(it is said to fit bottle cages when full)”

    I’m assuming it doesn’t do so well when it is half empty?
    Nice idea though, I like it.

  2. A fair point, Graham. Perhaps best to use it as a top-up-only device for your normal bottle.

  3. Cascade Designs have been selling Platypus Bottles for years. They fold down smaller and are more packable. However, be aware that after carrying your favourite malt whisky in one it will forever taint any water. Some of us may think this isn’t a bad thing…..

  4. I think the word ‘taint’ is better replaced with ‘improve’ in this particular case 🙂

  5. The things I never knew I needed

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