Tune ensures perfect bar alignment… with lasers

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Are your bars straight?  Are you sure?


For those haunted by the suspicion that their stem isn’t precisely centred over the tyre, Tune’s Spurtreu (Tracks True) may well be the answer.  A precisely-machined aluminium fixture, the Spurtreu uses a laser (pointer) to cast a dot on the front tyre and allow for previously unheard-of alignment.  Critical for optimum performance, the Spurtreu ensures that the stem and front tyre are pointed in exactly the same direction, calibrating steering and reducing asymmetric arm fatigue (even arm use can not be guaranteed on point-point or lap-style courses).

spurtreu 2 copy

For such a specialised, high-precision, German-made tool, the €69 price and 199g weight are arguably quite reasonable.  More at tune.de.

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  1. “for previously unheard-of alignment” #snort!

    199g weight

    Surely you’re not supposed to ride about with it on. Are we weight weenying tools now?

  2. I saw this on Bikerumour a while back. Made me chuckle then.

    Probably ok for pro workshops or places like RIbble who build bikes all day.

    Why is the weight important?

  3. Thing is, if you knew someone who had one I bet you’d have a try

  4. TBH I’m so OCD about bar alignment I’m almost tempted to buy one.

    What’s the Euro exchange rate like at he mo? ;o)

  5. Is this suitable for 650b wheels?

  6. Better check you wheel is perfectly dished first too !

  7. if the website had an English language version I’d have already “clicked to buy”

  8. I suppose it really relies on having it perfectly centred on the stem….and the stem being absolutely forward facing on the steerer tube…

  9. …and the tyre being moulded perfectly centrally…and the hub/fork dropouts being perfectly true…

  10. Ooops and I was thinking – must buy…..;-)

  11. What about a piece of string taped to your seat pin then stretched out to the ends of your bars? I’ve not done this by the way but it would be just as accurate and cost nothing!!

  12. is it available with offset for folks with asymmetric arm lengths?

  13. is it available with offset for folks with asymmetric arm lengths?

    ie: everybody

  14. Well I think it is a good idea and reasonably priced for apiece of Tuning kit, especially as I have messed with alignment for ages.

    Though I do think it would be better to triangulate from the ends of the bars.

  15. Bar Ends with built in theodolite mountings!!!

  16. Do you need a different laser pattern for 29 or 650b wheels?

  17. Dodgeydavies & JohnB

    For what it’s worth, triangulating the bars from the seatpost wouldn’t tell the fitter a whole lot about stem:wheel alignment…

  18. Can we get one for saddles too? Oh, and one for tyre/valve alignment?

    (I’m not taking this seriously, am I?)

  19. Bit of string almost but not quite long enough to go bar end to front of wheel to bar end. Attach to spare barend caps. Measure centre by putting said caps together and puli string taught. Mark.
    Put bar end caps in bars (centre the bars in stem first). Throw string over wheel and turn wheel to pull strum taught.
    Play with stem / wheel alignment until mark on string is central on tyre.
    It’ll be pretty accurate, dishing and carcasses notwithstanding.

  20. Blinking iphone on a train. Please excuse typos

  21. string x distance = stretch = inaccurate.

    if it were me and i had a dished wheel, id use this without a tyre. after all, its about the visual aspect isnt it, really? so as long as the bars are in line the front wheel all else is about how accurately the frame/wheels have been made – something most of us have no control over after the fact.

    yes, i want one.

  22. I use my Mk1 Eye Ball. For extra accuracy I find that slightly sticking my tongue out or making a “hmmm” noise works.

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