Tune ensures perfect bar alignment… with lasers

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Are your bars straight?  Are you sure?


For those haunted by the suspicion that their stem isn’t precisely centred over the tyre, Tune’s Spurtreu (Tracks True) may well be the answer.  A precisely-machined aluminium fixture, the Spurtreu uses a laser (pointer) to cast a dot on the front tyre and allow for previously unheard-of alignment.  Critical for optimum performance, the Spurtreu ensures that the stem and front tyre are pointed in exactly the same direction, calibrating steering and reducing asymmetric arm fatigue (even arm use can not be guaranteed on point-point or lap-style courses).

spurtreu 2 copy

For such a specialised, high-precision, German-made tool, the €69 price and 199g weight are arguably quite reasonable.  More at tune.de.

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