Throwback Thursday – Piers is Cramming

by Dave Anderson 1

Spring didn’t just come early this year, so much as exploded without warning. Unfortunately, in my little world this explosion seems to have set off an avalanche of work, two chaotic house moves and serial chest infections. But in the bruising spinning and tumbling of the avalanche I gasp a breath of air, expand those bug ravaged lungs and snatch an occasional glimpse of sky by virtue of my bike.

It's turning into a night ride
It’s turning into a night ride

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So at some point soon we will have to go through it all again. Like rebooting this horrible computer, my being able to get on with stuff as I’d like won’t come a moment too soon. The trails will dry out. The bike shop’s sales will go up, and we’ll all go back through the looking glass and find out what good riders we might be if only we lived in California. But hey, I’ve already got a tan line above my ankle – unheard of at this time of year. Oh – no it’s not – it’s just a thin layer of mud that didn’t quite make it as far as my bathroom towel last night. Oh well, maybe by the end of August it’ll be a more indelible feature.

Weather dividends – grab ‘em while you can.

And rides – grab them too. Obviously.

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  1. Great article! Sounds very familiar, I crammed so much last week that my knees went on strike…Ibuprofen again….

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