Steve Worland Inducted In UK MTB Hall Of Fame

by Mark Alker 8

The UK MTB Hall Of Fame was set up in 2012 by the organisers of Mountain Mayhem to recognise the people who have pushed mountain biking forward as a sport, from the professionals who get the results to the behind the scene players from the industry.

This year Steve Worland was the only inductee and his posthumous award was collected by Steve’s partner Jo Young at Mountain Mayhem.

Flanked by MTB Hall of Fame founders Pat and Jill, Jo Young collects Steve's award.
Flanked by MTB Hall of Fame founders Pat and Jill, Jo Young collects Steve’s award.

Last year’s inductees were Adrian Carter, Daffyd Davis, John Dight, Martyn Ashton, Michael Bonney, Oli Beckinsale, Rob Lee, Scott Beaumont, Steve Behr, & Steve Toze.

The MTB Hall of Fame website

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  1. How on earth John Dight (bless him) got in ahead of Steve, well… I’ve had a drink and I’m walking away from the computer now, but come on…

  2. Bout time. A great loss to the sport and to good journalism

  3. I think Steve deserved this.

    Brant, I’m unsure of the merits of your statement but I temporarily admire you. It probably won’t last long tho!

  4. Last year’s inductees went to a public vote after a round of nominations.

    Some candidates campaigned well

  5. That seems a classy way to recognise Steve, sole inductee for this year. Greatly enjoyed his work rip

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