Roval’s new wide carbon & alloy trail wheels

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How do 1,530g, 30mm width, and DT internals sound?

Wide, Light, and Carbon
Wide, Light, and Carbon

Inspired in part by the silly grip afforded by fatbike rims, the latest offerings from Specialized’s house wheel brand measure 29-30mm between walls.  Aluminium- and carbon-rimmed Traverse Fattie wheelsets follow an industry-wide trend that not only increases traction but provides additional air volume for a given tyre size and the option to run lower pressures without endangering wheels or tyres.  Should a rim strike occur, Fattie rim walls are hookless- making for an impact-resistant structure that really does hold tyres quite well.

Experimenting with a variety of widths between 22mm and 40mm, Roval found the best balance between added performance and added weight at 30mm.  With rims sorted, straight-pull DT Swiss spokes and hubs using DT internals are added for a hand-built whole.  Carbon fibre Fattie SLs get a 240/350-style Star Ratchet freehub while the alloy Fatties get more common pawls.

Add a splash of colour if you like
Add a splash of colour if you like

Weights are impressive given the wheels’ specs: 1,530g and 1,570g for the carbon; 1,690g and 1,770g for the alloy in 27.5 and 29er sizes (all weights without tape or valve stems.  26in will not be offered).  The Traverse Fattie SLs ship with sealing Roval Rim Plugs, saving a few grams over 30mm wide tape and easing spoke and nipple replacement in the process.  The carbon wheels also include cyan, lime, and red decal sets for an optional bit of flair.

Roval’s carbon wheelsets have long been very competitively priced – especially given their DT guts and spokes and robust warranties – and the Traverse Fatties are no different:  Traverse Fatties will sell for £400, the SLs for £1,200.

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    Sounds great …but DT hubs are really hard to get serviced. No LBS wants to invest in the expensive service kit just to replace a spoke. Which is a real shame. Sorry for typical STW miserable reply …I’ve been stung 🙂

    Stever – these are no Tricon spokes, just normal straight pull. Easy life.

    26in will not be offered…

    sigh. .. guess i won’t be getting a pair anytime soon then, being pretty heavily invested in 26″ frames.

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