Renthal Lock-On grip

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Renthal’s Lock-On grips are placed somewhere around ‘Goldilocks’ on the diameter scale, being neither too wide, nor too narrow; for my hands they sit firmly in the ‘just right’ part of the spectrum. Unlike other makes, the aluminium lock collars are integrated into the core of the grip, avoiding the need to fiddle with construction prior to installation. Slip them on, tighten the bolts and you’re good to go. Just check the logos on the end caps are aligned, hey? Nobody likes a misaligned logo…

We found the ‘medium’ compound quite firm in use, but it offers good levels of grip, even in the sloppy depths of winter’s grim conditions. The file tread pattern grip pattern maintains a grippy interface as it wears under use. Despite the grip looking worn, a good level of interference allowed a firm hold and good control of the bar to be maintained.

If you’re used to a squishy grip with a bit of cushioning, you’re unlikely to be happy with these; the compound is firm in use and very good at keeping those hard-won ‘hours in the saddle’ handlebar callouses going. However, there are three other, softer, compounds in the range. It’s hardwearing and has stayed tight on the bike with no slippage or movement between grip and bar, but plenty of security between rider and bike. For anyone wanting a comfortable grip that doesn’t get slippery in wet conditions, it’s definitely worth a look.

Overall: A decent width lock-on that will last a long time while giving all the grip you need to keep the bike pointing where you want it to go.


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Product:Kevlar Lock-On grip.
Tested:by Dave for Six months.

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