Rechargeable mug brews coffee and tea in the wild

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Why not leave the stove at home?

100% log compatible
100% log compatible

While its PR pitch did little to distinguish the Hey Joe self-brewing Coffee Mug from the ongoing flood of Kickstarter gadgets, after a bit of percolating the idea began to seem like a pretty good one.  Why?  When out on a fast and light overnight or even weekend trip, it seems that the only time that the stove comes out is at breakfast- and then it’s most often called upon to brew a warm morning beverage.

Shades of '2001'
Anyone else hearing Also sprach Zarathustra?

Rather than pack a stove, fuel, and coffee pot, Hey Joe is suggesting that we bring along their Coffee Mug.  Capable of brewing three 14oz (400ml)  cups of coffee or tea on a charge, the electrically-powered insulated brewer can also keep warm beverages, well, warm.

Brew your own
Brew your own

“…the number of K-Cups sold in 2013 would be enough to wrap around the Earth 10.5 times.”

Being coffee roasters first and gadgeteers second, Hey Joe will be happy to sell the user coffee to work with the Mug- but common grounds should work fine.  Originally conceived to work with K-Cup type pods, that approach was reconsidered when its designers realized the ubiquitous plastic pods’ environmental impact.  Hey Joe’s own coffee pods are designed to be buried after use – flower seeds are incorporated into the filter – allowing riders to play Johnny Coffeeseed on their travels.

The Coffee Mug seems like an earnest project and the $49 (£29) price doesn’t seem unreasonable for something that could simplify car or bike camping.  Six days in, the project is 3/4 of the way to its $20,000 target- so seems likely to succeed.  Given a year or so, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find these in your local outdoor shop.  Those who need their coffee fix sooner can jump the queue at Hey Joe’s Kickstarter page.

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    amazing, shame it’s $30 shipping otherwise would have had one.
    will wait until they come out here and buy one

    While I like the “idea” of flower seeds in the coffee pods we do need to be very careful when randomly altering the natrual environment.

    There are many accounts of runaway plants all around the world simply because we thought it might be nice to have some flowers there.

    “While I like the “idea” of flower seeds in the coffee pods we do need to be very careful when randomly altering the natrual environment.”

    yeah amen. bad idea.

    but the cup is a good idea.

    will it do porridge or beans?

    Sorry, but flower seeds in the filter just sounds like the ultimate case of tree hugging gone mad!

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