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OMG! its totes time for some movie madness.

Bryan REGNIER – No Bullshit, No jokes, just Riding!

No Bullshit, no jokes, just riding! Bryan Regnier (yt industries rider) ride hard in the south of France. Spot: Regagnas. (near Marseille)


Filmed during the Riva BIKE Festival, May 2014, Tobi Leonhardt ( aka KäptnFR ) rides one of the classic trails above the lake at Lago di Garda.

Life Behind Bars – Searching for Rad Company Zones – Season 3 Ep 2

Brandon and Cam hit the highway in search of new terrain to build lines for the upcoming film Rad Company. Nothing in Arizona seems to line up so they hi-tail it to Utah and find the dirt they are looking for. Along the way they find some cool roadside features and fix up an abandoned mega ramp built out of soiled mattresses. They finish off the trip by shredding some fast ridgelines at the Rampage site.

Checking in with downhill MTB phenom Rachel Atherton

Rachel Atherton is a natural phenomenon on the bike. Whether it’s gapping huge jumps or tearing through massive rock gardens, there’s no doubt that this woman knows how to downhill. Her raw aggression on the bike makes her one of the most fierce competitors on the mountain. As the 2014 season kicks off, Rachel reflects on her huge success from 2013, the year she became UCI World Champion and World Cup Overall Winner.

Video: Micayla, Bernard and Eliot Do Phoenix

Eliot Jackson, Bernard Kerr and Micayla Gatto livin’ the dream! From visiting the Pivot factory to throwing big whips in the desert to rolling deep in Vegas, their setup is dialed.

Fox MTB Presents | Kirt Voreis & Cam McCaul 2014 Trail Edit

This is the first time that we put Kirt and Cam together in a video. Always fun times when these guys ride together as you will see. They are wearing the 2014 All Mountain / Trail gear that is available now on foxhead.com/bike

And finally we give you…

Dancing Bats

Featuring the Dancing Bat Brothers

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    Rachel is one inspiring sportswoman.

    301-69-122, Tobi has an interesting steerer bar mount… no stem at all…

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