Lazer Genesis helmet with limited edition Flanders aero-shell

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During winter, brain freeze can be a pain in the, well, head. [Where else would you keep your brain? – Ed.]

Lazer’s Genesis Cross is designed to protect your head from the wind and rain, keeping you pedalling and racing for longer with a warm head. Think of it as a layering system for your head.

As the name suggests, Lazer has taken its Genesis helmet and added an aero-shell as standard. The Genesis helmet is marketed as a road helmet, but it would suit those mountain bikers who prefer to wear a peakless, well-vented lid with less coverage, or for those riders commuting and training throughout the year.

There are two sizes available (medium and large) and the lid is held in place by Lazer’s Rollsys Retention System. I’m a fan of this integrated system – it’s comfortable and secure without putting any pressure on the back or front of your head.

When the temperature starts to drop in mid-autumn, clip on the plastic aero-shell – instantly all of the vents are covered and you’re protected from bitter northerly winds and rain. I was a little concerned about security, as there are no attachments to secure it but how wrong I was – from mountain biking to fast road descents, it stayed put.

When the temperature dips further you can add a winter cap as an extra (£19.99). I’ve found this a little too insulated for hard efforts and a little fiddly to get into a comfortable position under the lid. To cover my wing nuts, I’ve continued to use a skullcap-style head garment.

Overall: If you’re looking for a helmet that is light and well vented, with a little less coverage but has the advantage of being able to block out some weather, this would be a good choice. It’s comfortable and I’ll continue using it through the winter.


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Product:Genesis helmet with limited edition Flanders aero-shell
From: Madison,
Price:£124.99, winter cap £19.99
Tested:by Richard. for Four months.

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