Empire PMBA Enduro Series (Grizedale Gill Cycles) Report And Results.

by Dan 0

The Empire PMBA Enduro Series took place over the weekend, Grizedale Forest hosting the 2nd of five rounds. The sun was shining and the course was set, with another mixture of trail centre gold and fresh cut trail, the 13 mile loop including three varied timed stages, would be physically challenging for all riders.

Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

Stage one started at the top of the well known North Face Trail, however to add a bit of a twist the route was down the first climb. This included some techy traverses and some awkward steps to negotiate, with the longest pedal of all three stages; it was all or nothing on Stage One.

Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

After Stage One’s pedal fest, it was up to stage two, the transition between stages one and two caused a fair bit of controversy, with most of the field not riding the designated route. The long designated route took riders around the forest, however most riders took a much shorter route which crossed live race stages. With all transition routes well sign posted, the riders in question had ignored the signs, and cut the course. Even though the climbs aren’t timed they almost halved the designated climb. If riders had read the rules for the race they would know that this course cutting is not permitted and technically cheating.

Is this the spirit of enduro?

“The loop will be signposted for you to follow – it’s important you follow the loop rather than to make your own way (which could be quicker) but we will have stages using fireroads and we need to keep everyone safe – these points will be marshalled and no one will be permitted to short cut on the Sunday.”

So onto stage two, ‘The Lungbuster’ starting off on a short natural shoot, the stage followed down the existing flowy trails again including the North Face trail, a short uphill sprint in the middle then led the riders back down more flowy trails to the finish. Even though it was the shortest stage of the day that uphill sprint had most riders hanging.

Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

Stage three, starting at the highest point of the forest at Caron Cragg, descending down newly cut trails, the rutted and greasy top section was challenging a lot of riders. Finishing the natural section riders were spat out at the top of the black trail, jumping and dropping your way down the “Singletrack” stage, another short uphill sprint lead to the bottom section, another freshy cut trail took you down to the stage finish.

Pro Men

PMBA 2 Griz podiums-8
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Lee Kermode        00:11:42
2nd David Mirfield   00:11:51
3rd Joe Flanagan      00:11:58

U18 Men

PMBA 2 Griz podiums-7
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Rowan Carpenter  00:12:22
2nd Lewis Murphy     00:13:07
3rd Dan Hole               00:13:36

Master Men

PMBA 2 Griz podiums-2
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Matthew Prichard  00:11:42
2nd Jan Czugalinski    00:12:09
3rd Dan Greenwood    00:12:17

Senior Men

Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Ed Roberts          00:11:38
2nd Joe Young         00:12:00
3rd Matthew Jones 00:12:08

Veteran Men

Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Andrew Mee       00:12:31
2nd David Bentley  00:12:43
3rd Paul Dixon        00:12:48

Grand Veteran

Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Howard Stuttard     00:13:26
2nd Nick Wilkin            00:13:55
3rd Stephen Faulkner  00:15:01


Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Helen Gaskell         00:13:13
2nd Claire Bennet       00:14:48
3rd Emma Wareham  00:15:17

Hardtail Men

Photo Credit Nick Moor
Photo Credit Nick Moor

1st Ben Parkin           00:12:24
2nd Lewis Murphy   00:13:07
3rd Nick Holt            00:13:45

So there you have it Round Two done and dusted, the sun was shining and everyone was having a great day racing and riding with friends.

Next stop is Kirroughtree 15th June ‘Break Out Of Kirroughtree’ enter online here

See you in 3 weeks time.