Singular launch Rooster 29+ Kickstarter

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Singular are looking to crowd fund the latest addition to their bike range, the 29+ Rooster. Here’s the inside line on it from Singular Sam…


The Rooster benefits from the experience of designing the much vaunted Swift 29er and the Puffin fat bike. Both those bikes are renowned for their intuitive and sharp handling, blended with the classic style of a simple and beautiful steel frame. The Rooster will share those same attributes in a 29+ package.

My goal with the Rooster is to create a frame which is specifically designed to perform optimally with 29+ wheels. When developing the Puffin Fatbike some people asked – will it fit 29+ wheels? The answer was no – and that was because I wanted to make that a bike which would perform best with full fat tyres, not compromise it so that we could shoehorn 29+ wheels in there. Similarly, the approach with the Rooster is to look at it from the ground up in order to create a bike which functions best with this specific wheel size.

Tubing is a bit beefier than a Swift, the traction and speed generated by the big tyres in rough terrain means something which feels a bit more solid under you is of benefit. The tapered steerer and larger diameter fork blades give a notably firmer ride up front, which is offset in the comfort stakes thanks to the big, soft tyre. However it feels very confidence inspiring and much more solid when being pushed to the limit than a straight steerer fork. It also means that the frame will be compatible with the few available suspension forks which will take this tyre size.

and it was all yellow...
and it was all yellow…

Chainstays are kept as short as possible (439mm with EBB in rearmost position) while still allowing for use of a front derailleur with a double ring chainset.

Frames will be produced in three sizes from medium to extra large – suiting riders from around 5’6″ (168cm) to 6’6″ (198cm). They will be available in once colour scheme only – daybreak yellow with a black panel and red logo.

Technical details

  • Frame constructed from double butted 4130 cro-moly steel
  • available in 3 sizes
  • Frame weight expected approximately 2.4kg in M size
  • Fork with tapered steerer and Reynolds blades
  • Tapered external cup head tube (SHIS EC 28.6/34 I EC 40/44)
  • 73mm wide eccentric bottom bracket shell
  • Modular bolt on cable guides for clean geared or singlespeed use
  • Direct mount front derailleur adadpter
  • Replaceable rear derailleur hanger
  • 27.2mm seat post diameter
  • Clearance for 29×3″ tyres on 50mm rims front and rear
  • Frames built by Taiwan’s most respected steel frame manufacturer.

Production frame and fork sets will retail at £595, if you back this project in an amount of £400 you will receive a Singular Rooster frameset (frame and fork) in the size of your choice.


Comments (7)

    I don’t think I need a 29+ bike in my life……… but I do find myself wanting this and the Surly Krampus lately!

    Great looking bike, though i’m not allowed another mtb. Those forks – tapered, all the clearance and reynolds – will sell like hot cakes if you did some in black or…not yellow. I’d def buy some. And kickstart for just them too if it was an option…

    Another colour option is definitely a possibility if the project reaches its funding goal. Also considering a fork only option.

    Looks very “Karate Monkey” to me.

    Nice one Sam. There’s no fork I’ve found that’s tapered, steel and will take a 29×3. Cromoto Maxle is as nearest I’ve found, depending on version you lose tapered steerer or tyre clearance. Will keep an eye out for fork only option…

    Will keep an eye out for fork only option…

    Now a reward option on the page

    Looks very “Karate Monkey” to me

    Really? in what way? About the only similarities I can think of are that it’s steel and has 622 wheels….

    Damn you, responding to customers and the like.
    That’s that Pledged…

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