Sea Otter: Race Face’s narrow/wide cyclocross ring

by Marc Basiliere 3

Is the front derailleur doomed?

SONY DSCMountain bike tech continues to work its way across the riser/drop bar divide with the recent announcement of SRAM’s CX1 group and, hot on its heels, RaceFace’s narrow/wide chainrings for 130mm and 110mm road and cyclocross cranks.  Allowing for 1x drivetrains without a chain device (though a clutch-type rear mech doesn’t hurt- X0 and X9 Type 2 derailleurs work great with SRAM road shifters), the Cross Narrow/Wide ‘ring is available now in even sizes between 38t and 44t for £50.  Not into logos?  Flip the chainring around for a stealthier look.


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  1. No good for us weaklings that run a 34 or 36T then…

  2. This is great news for a 1x road build… Surely you can just use an mtb chainset chipps?

  3. Chipps,

    I think that’s because they already offer those sizes in mountain ‘rings… Of course you’ll need to swap cranks.

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