On One Codeine

by Dave Anderson 18

On One are excited about their new bike, so excited we got three separate press releases about it, here’s one of them…

Pain killer?
Pain killer?

The Best Mountain Bike We’ve Ever Made

Codeine 29er // Sram X01 // Pike // Reverb // CCDB

Today On-One is releasing the Codeine 29er. A true On-One suspension bike, made in our own unique way, designed from a piece of paper and crafted to be the bike we want to ride, because nobody made one that was quite right. The Codeine is available as a frame with rear shock and as a complete bike with SRAM’s X01 groupset. It’s a 29er, it’s got 140mm of front travel and 130mm of rear travel, it runs a single chainring up to 34 teeth, big tyres and it’s a whole heap of fun to ride.

A big hitting 29er with pop and fun. Fitting big wheels, with clearance to run big tyres – even our 2.4in Chunky Monkeys – into the space normally occupied by 26in ones. So that’s 440mm chainstays – shorter than our Scandal hardtail, but with 130mm of rear travel to keep you out of trouble. Up front a 140mm travel Rock Shox Pike scythes its way through the rockiest lines around – this bike was made for the technology that’s now available to get the most from the big wheels. A single chainring drivetrain, those Pike’s with their huge stanchions allowing amazing tracking.

This is the bike we always wanted, so we made it ourselves.” Brant Richards – Head of Design

Take after meals

– Who’s It For?

Trail riders. Gravity Enduro racers. People who like hitting things hard and fast, or who want a bike that’s capable of that. You can ride it on more or less any terrain – and we have.

No Front Mech
That’s right – you can’t run a front mech. Why? Because removing the front mech enabled us to design the bike to ride the way we want, without compromises. At the time of original design, we were all riding around with chain guides, but thanks to the innovation of SRAM we’re delighted to offer it with their X01 drivetrain, offering 1×11 with more than enough gears to get you through and over the biggest hills around, all on a chain-guide-free system.

What’s it Made From?

The chassis is designed to be stiff and durable, and yet weighs under 7lb. Hand welded from custom formed 7005-T6 aluminium tubing, with CNC machined fitments, rolling element bearings, and torx bolts on all fittings. With development from our team, using construction techniques that our team have used on enduro, downhill and trail bikes over the last decade. It’s all here in the Codeine, tuned and fettled to give you an amazing ride. We’re confident and very happy with the durability. It’s not an XC race bike, and the CCDB shock isn’t the lightest, but when push comes to shove, having a chassis that’s as solid as this – “The stiffest FS bike I’ve ridden” – handling excels with superior tracking. Benchmarked against every other trail bike we’ve tested, this is one of the best. We’ve had people refuse to give them back during testing. It’s been amazing.


Geometry is “Winch and Plummet”. Steep seat angle – 74degrees – to get the power down and be in an efficient pedalling position, with a good reach to the bars. BB is low enough to be fun, at 35mm below centre, but not perilously so. Head angle is matched by wheelbase and chainstay length – 440mm – to give the perfect dynamic handling up or down. Want a number? It’s 67.5degrees. We recommend the shorter style of stem, from 35-55mm and 720-780mm bars.

Drivetrain: SRAM X01

Brakes: Avid X0 Trail

Forks: Rockshox Pike RCT3 [confirm]

Rear Shock: Cane Creek Double Barrel Air

Seatpost: Rockshox Reverb [confirm]

Wheels: Pacenti TL28-29er on Sram [confirm]

How Much Then?

Much less than you think. £799.99 for the frame and shock, or £2499.99 fully built.

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  1. Cant explain how much I want one of these, bare frame please?

  2. That’s an incredible bargain. Well done, On-One. (Questions: How much does it weigh and why is it named after a painkiller that can make you constipated?)

  3. Brilliant launch video!!!

  4. Can’t believe how good value this is and how nice it looks. Can’t be that heavy with Pikes and X01, unless the wheels weigh a ton. How easy are the bearings to be replaced?

  5. Them lads in the video are quit handy on a bike then….

  6. the on one site says 30lb 6oz. Not bad at all with reverb, pike etc for that money. Looks ace fun, and the blue one looky good

  7. Just had chance to watch the video, just like some of it is slowed down, some of it is sped up, unless someone rewrote physics whilst I was working.

  8. Still want one. And at 30lb 6oz it’s as light as my Orange Five 26er

  9. Anyone seen pics of the blue? Have I missed them somewhere?

  10. Craig rewrites the laws of physics every time I ride with him so I’d not worry too much and it ain’t sped up!

  11. Oooo! Not so keen on the colour scheme but as a bike looks sweet!

  12. Bummer only goes up to a large. Thats off the shopping list then.

  13. iirc it’s called Codeine as the initial idea was sketched out by Brant while spaced out on painkillers.

  14. Wheres all that filmed please

  15. Yep. Like. Great video too

  16. eddie11 – I recognise alot of it in the peaks, the first bit up and down the sides of Mamtor.

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