Niner: New (carbon) wheels, Biocentric 30 BB and more

by Chipps 7

Niner decided not to show us any new, secret stuff at the Sea Otter Classic this year, but instead left us waiting a couple of weeks before announcing a new range of wheels (that’ll primarily see action on full builds from Niner), a new stealthy colour on the Niner RLT gravel bike and a Biocentric 30 BB for simple conversion of PF30 bikes into singlespeeds.

Niner Carbon (and alloy, and cyclocross) Wheels

Front wheel comes in 28, 23, 27, six and 15. All of the important numbers.
Stan’s tape included. Alloy nipples, 1670g a set

Niner’s new carbon wheels are currently only available on its Star Build packages, but they’ll be available aftermarket sometime this summer. The carbon wheels feature 28 straight pull spokes, a 23mm inside width (and 27 outer) and come supplied with Stan’s tape. The hubs come in 15mm front and 142/12 and QR rear with the skewer included. There’s an XD driver option too.

Hubs so light you can see through them
XD driver is an option on the carbon wheels
No XD driver option on the alloy wheels.
The wheels come in alloy as well for more normal people.

Niner Biocentric 30 BB

The Niner Biocentric BB is a way for riders with a PF30 bottom bracket to run a simple single speed setup on their bike. The angular contact bearings are offset so that the BB shell can be rotated to take up any chain slack along with judicious chain-length paring. The two halves of the shell bolt together using two bolts, rather than relying on the friction of the BB shell to keep them in place. Of course you could always install one of these even if you run gears and like the idea. Niner reckons it should handle most 24mm spindle cranks. It’s only compatible with Niner’s Air9 alloy and RLT models.

Just twist and shout (for joy?)

Niner RLT

There’s a new build of the gravel and Belgian cobble flavoured Niner RLT. This time it comes in satin black and red, with a full Di2 Ultegra 11speed groupset – with full hydraulic discs. No, it’s not a mountain bike, but it’s rather nice, no?

Black and red, like Dracula’s cloak.
Room for some chunky tyres
Neato cable routing.

This info has literally just landed, so we’ve not heard yet about UK pricing and availability, but we’ll let you know when we do!

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  1. Black RLT looks amazing, not a huge fan of the original colours but that looks cool.

  2. It’s not gopping enough for you Houns.

  3. That RLT does look very nice indeed!

  4. The other ones just looked too minty fresh toothpaste-like, but that’s lovely.

  5. Any idea of the weight of the RLT?

  6. Hopefully the Biocentric BB will be out some time soon, I quite like the look of the alloy Air9 as a singlespeed.

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