KS Suspension releases non-dropper posts

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Carbon and alloy shockers from suspension brand

The full range
The full range

Known best for their successful dropper post line, Kind Shock (KS) Suspension had a surprise waiting in their Sea Otter both: rigid seatposts and matching handlebars.  Coming in June or July, the Ether line consists of riser and flat bars as well as seatposts in both aluminium and carbon fibre (Protégé was a working name and will not be used).  All parts have classy low-key tone-on-tone branding.

The bars are each feature a nice 9° sweep and widths of 720mm for the flat bars and 780mm for the 20mm risers.  Weights are impressive: 197g and 252g for the carbon and alloy flat bars, 207g and 322g for the carbon and alloy risers.

Simple, straightforward posts
Simple, straightforward posts

Weighing in at 188g and 260g, KS’ seatposts use straightforward two-bolt heads along with mid-length cradles for easy adjustment and good saddle support.  At least to start, 30.9mm and 31.6mm will be the only sizes offered.



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