Scott Stego MIPS Helmet

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Another review from ‘Office Padowan’ Dan…

The new Scott Stego helmet is the latest technological master piece from one of the leading developers in Cycling, Winter Sports, Moto Sports, and Running. It was only a matter of time before Scott upgraded their helmets and really made a bang in the protection market, and here they’ve definitely delivered. The main attraction with this new helmet is the Multi-directional Impact Protection System, or to you and me MIPS.

The idea behind the MIPS design is to reduce the stress of impact on the brain by absorbing most of the rotational energy in the event of a crash. Copied from the way your body protects the brain within the skull, MIPS provides a low friction layer between your head and the helmet which can absorb energy in oblique crashes.


The first noticeable difference in the Stego is the colour, as most brands are going for bold and exciting ‘enduro’ colours, Scott have kept it simple; a choice of Green/Black or Grey/Black offers simple bold colours that are easy to look at but also eye catching without being too shouty.

With colour nailed it’s onto design, and same again tin my opinion Scott have got it right; the Stego sits low behind the head and also around the ears giving a good level of  protection but at the same time being really comfortable to wear. With such a low sitting helmet good ventilation is required and, oh yes, has that been delivered with fifteen holes all working with each other to make  for a well ventilated cool helmet.

The only bad feature of the Stego helmet for me was the adjustment system at the back, there were only a few clicks difference between being too tight and uncomfortable and then too loose and wobbling about,which may affect fit for some people, however once seated and adjusted the Stego felt really comfortable. A helmet you could wear all day without realising.

Overall: The Scott Stego for me is a really good helmet, a simple appearance but with heaps of technology inside. It’s comfortable and appealing to look at. A little bit on the expensive side, but on par with other leading brands.

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From:Scott Sports
Tested:by Dan for 2 Months

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    How is it with shades? Low over the ears usually means interference with the arms on glasses

    Ditto RD – I struggle with my Giro Feature – it fits wells but it’s a pita with glasses.

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